Monday, May 6, 2013

New website

Catholic Online hosted my website for about 20 years. They invited me to be hosted by them and actually made my first website. Dennis Chang made the subsequent one -- the one I had most of all these years. Until recently, that is. Catholic Online send an email that they longer be hosting websites. So, thanks be to God, and oh so providentially, a friend had offered to make a new website for me. He kept the look of my beautiful site designed by Dennis, but simplified it. Over the years it has become hopelessly complicated (my doing) and out of date. (Tech savvy, I'm not.). Anyway, this blog is changed over to the new blog on my new website. It will be kept up with more than before and used to show detail and what's new in my catalog. And, just in case anyone is actually reading this, I would love to share my joy at being asked by the US Government to make the gift that would be presented to Pope Francis on the occasion of his election. I made him a Koa rosary and I had a Koa box made as well. Check it all out on

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